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As a SAP customer, embarking on a mobility roadmap raises questions related to the strategy, costs, access to SAP backend, and ever changing landscape and suite of products that SAP has to offer in the mobile space.

Our team of SAP Mobility senior experts can help with your SAP mobility program:

  • SAP Mobility Enterprise Strategy and Roadmap
  • Accelerated Implementations of SAP packaged managed apps, such as SAP Fiori apps
  • Custom solutions for your complex and specific business needs

Salesforce CRM implementations are not complete without data integration with 3rd party sources or on-premise ERP systems, such as SAP, Oracle or operational data stores or enterprise data warehouses. Many salesforce projects often pay little attention to the data integration needs during the feasibility or design phase causing implementation delays and costly mistakes during the project execution phase. Agasti’s team of salesforce expert can provide a data integration roadmap for your organization as you embark upon a salesforce rollout that you can utilize to ensure a successful implementation.

This whitepaper will outline the best practices for data integration efforts and help you avoid the common mistakes during integration and data migration.